TransLite Nevoscope is a patented* skin examination microscope with a special transillumination and surface lighting device, and optical lens for visual examination of skin lesions. The light source is a bright halogen lamp with variable intensity control and light is channeled through a flexible optical guide to the light ring in the front of the Nevoscope where it is directed onto the skin.

Nevoscope has three modes of illumination for total illumination of the skin and subsurface structures: transillumination, surface illumination and epiluminescence.

The combination of simultaneous transillumination and surface illumination produces ‘No Oil’ epiluminescence imaging of lesions. The amount of surface light can be controlled so as to produce unique enhancement of subsurface pigmentation.

Conventional surface imaging of the skin is achieved by the use of a special spacer in front of the Nevoscope that lifts the ring light a few millimeters above the skin. The area of interest is uniformly illuminated by the fiber optic ring light.

Nevoscope showing the ring light for transillumination and the interchangeable magnification lens.

The Nevoscope is designed to fit comfortably in the hand. Focus, and surface light controls are easily accessed.

TransLite Nevoscope showing the ring light for transillumination and the surface lights

The optical lenses are interchangeable for different magnification.

Nevoscope can be configured with several different options. The basic unit is the optical imaging device with interchangeable magnification lenses. Nevoscope can be attached to film cameras, digital cameras or 8 mm video camcorders to capture images for patient records and archiving.


Nevoscope Specifications


Light Ring & Source

Ring Top Diameter (outer)

Ring Top Diameter (inner)

Ring Bottom Diameter (outer)

Ring Bottom Diameter (inner)

Fiber Taper Angle

Light Window Width

Number of Surface Lights

Angle of Surface Lights

Surface Light Level Adjustment

Fiber Optic Length

Light Source Power

Power Output Adjust

Input Voltage

Approximate Color Temperature




50 mm

30 mm

18 mm

12.5 mm

45 Degrees

1 mm

4, 1mm Diameter Fiber Bundles

45 Degrees

Continuous from Closed to Open

1500 mm

150 Watts

Rheostat Continuously Variable

105-125 volts, 60 Hz AC

3250 degrees (At Max Level)

Mirrors (Optional)

Number of Mirrors

Mirror Angle



4 First Surface Mirrors

15 Degrees

Lens Mount & Lenses

Adapter outside dimension

Lens Attachment Type

Lens type (standard) X4.5 Magnification

Optional X8 Magnification Lens



Optional Equipment

Camera Attachment

Digital Camera


Constant Temp Light Source


52 mm

Nikon Bayonet Mount

Nikon 50 mm.F 1.8

Sigma 28 mm F 2.8



Any Nikon or 35 mm SLR Camera

Kodak DCS420c Digital Camera

Nikon & Nikon Compatibles

Variable slit type



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